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The base product of JOAPS Malhas are circular fabrics, of which we highlight the Jersey, Rib, Interlock, and Terry fabrics as the most produced products, and, from the most elaborated fabrics, the Jacquard, the Striped and their combinations. We provide the fabrics both in the fall of the loom, as in their finished form. Although we are not equipped with dyeing and finishing, we rely on carefully selected suppliers to fulfill orders for finished products.

JOAPS Fabrics has also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 ecological certification, which guarantees no use of harmful products.

We strive towards providing a service with increasingly flexible and optimized times of planning and delivery. The company has a well-structured internal organization, with the various departments connected, enabling monitoring and validation of the product at the various stages of its manufacturing process. Fleet: JOAPS has a large fleet of transport available.

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