HYDROPHILIC - Finishing that gives the fabric the ability to extract moisture from the body and transport it to the outside, keeping the wearer dry. Suitable for Sports fabrics and other activities that require a high capacity for transpiration.

ANTI-STATIC - Hydrophilic Finishing - Finishing for removal of the undesirable effects of electrostatically charged fibers (eg: Wool, Polyester, Acrylic).

HAND SILK - Finishing that ennobles the fabric giving it a low grade of textile pilling, fresh, soft and "silky"touch.

ANTI-PILLING – The application of Anti - Pilling prevents the formation of "bobbles" and its unpleasant effect on the surface of the fabric.

ANTI-FELTING - Finishing that enables wool items to be washed in the washing machine, limiting the felting and shrinkage while maintaining the original properties of the surface of the fabric.

ALOE-VERA - Its application in the fabric provides a moisturizing, healing and regenerating effect on the skin.

ANTI-COMBUSTIBILITY - Finishing composed by flame retardant substances, hindering the spread of fire.

ANTI-BACTERIAL - Treatment that provides effective protection to bacteria, mites and fungi, preventing stains and odors, keeping the hygiene and freshness of the product.

ANTI-BACTERIAL/INFLAMMATORY - Finishing based on Beeswax and Honey that, when applied to the fabric, provides a calming effect. Prevents inflammations and bacteria.

ANTI-INSECTAR - Finishing that provides a protective and repellency action against mosquitoes and other insects.

FRAGRANCES (microcapsules) – Gives the fabric the ability to release various scents and flavors (eg: Apple, Strawberry, Jasmine, Lavender).

PCM - Phase Change Materials - Finishing that includes the application of microcapsules with thermoregulating properties giving thermal comfort to the user, allowing the temperature close to the skin to be maintained constant, in response to extreme changes in temperature.

TEFLON - Treatment that forms an invisible barrier around each fiber providing a safe and gentle long lasting finishing. The result is a high level of repellency to stains, since the liquids cannot penetrate the fibers.



AIRO HAND (Biancalani) – Quality finishing. Excellent for Lyocell (fibrillate / defibrillate). Gives luster to the colors and a superior touch.

CARDING - Finishing that gives the item insulating abilities and a warm touch, consisting of an uniform raising of the hair.

GRINDING (Carbon Brush Rolls) - Surface Finishing consisting in the fabric friction with Carbon Brush Rolls, which leads to the formation of a very short hair (Peach Skin), associated to a "worn" effect in the color.

GRINDING (Sandpaper Rolls) - Surface Finishing consisting in the fabric friction with Sandpaper Rolls, which leads to the formation of a short and soft hair, with a "worn" effect in the color.

LAMINAR - Finishing that allows some items to acquire a velvety, soft and pleasant look, consisting in cutting the "rings" of the fabric.

RAMOLAR – The Textile Finishing par excellence, allowing for drying, giving stability to the fabric, thermosetting, straightening wefts and ending up with chemicals, consisting of the controlled passage through foulards and warm fields.

SANFORIZE - Finishing that provides dimensional stability as well as a soft touch, consisting of the controlled passage of the fabric in heated rollers.