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JOAPS Fabrics began its activity in May 1996 and is prepared for the production and selling of interior and exterior knitted and woven fabrics.It relies on a very experienced staff, expert in this industrial activity.In 2001, the company felt the need to strategically evolve, enhancing their qualitative component by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, which, in addition to internal advantages, offers external advantages, in terms of improving the quality of products and services provided to our customers.During the same period, it was relocated to a modern industrial space in Joane, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, a region with strong textile tradition.Since its foundation, the company has focused on technological upgrading, in the qualification of the staff and in constant monitoring of market factors that are crucial to a strong position against the competition.

Mission: JOAPS exists for the purpose of producing and supplying knitted and woven fabrics with high quality, if possible exceeding customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction is our priority: Work towards continuous improvement in the quality of the knits, to ensure the competitiveness of our products, as well as customer loyalty.

Collaborators as a support for success: Provide your employees with the necessary skills and resources to achieve their “good” performance and participation in achieving Joaps objectives.

Suppliers as quality assurance: The selection and evaluation of suppliers are decisive factors in the quality of our products.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and continually improve: We are aware of our responsibilities in full compliance with the legislation applicable to our sector of activity and concern for continuous improvement.

Building win-win relationships based on trust, integrity and cooperation, ensuring mutual benefits and satisfaction of the parties involved.


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The purpose of the code of ethics and conduct is to document a set of principles as a company with social responsibility that aims to establish a commitment among stakeholders, in relation to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Conventions of the International Labour Organization and the National and Community Legislation in vigour.

Social Responsibility Policy

Joaps’ performance in the market goes beyond the purely economic dimension. It is concerned with identifying and managing talent, developing skills in the workforce that add value to the business and asserting itself through ethical and socially responsible conduct.

In this way, Joaps is committed to the following principles of Social Responsibility:

· Forced or involuntary labour

It does not use or tolerate trafficking in human beings or the use of forced or involuntary labour, whether through physical imposition, threats or other forced methods. It does not apply any kind of pressure or withholding of identification documents. Recognizes the right of your employees to leave their jobs upon notice given within a reasonable period of time.

Encourages and requires your business partners to comply with this principle.

· Child Labor

It does not use or admit the use of child labor. Requiring its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all legislation applicable to child labor.

· No – Discrimination

Joaps does not apply any type of discrimination in its partners and towards its employees in relation to hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotions and termination of employment or retirement, regarding race, colour, sex, religion, age, nationality, physical and mental disability, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin, political affiliation or religion.

· Freedom of Association

Recognizes and respects the right of employees to freedom of association and representation, in accordance with their wishes expressed freely and without pressure.

Suppliers and subcontractors shall not interfere with the exercise of employees’ rights regarding Freedom of Association and their Right to Collective Bargaining.

· Coercion, Harassment and Disciplinary Practices

Ensures its employees respect for their dignity and will not use corporal punishment or threats of violence, as well as reproach any kind of abuse or harassment of a physical, sexual, psychological or verbal nature. Requiring its suppliers and subcontractors not to practice any type of coercion, harassment or acts of violence.

· Conflict of Interest

Ensures that there is no conflict of interest, and that there is no damage to the image of Joaps. Under no circumstances can business commitments be a justification for satisfying personal interests.

Business partners may not engage in any kind of bribery for the purpose of influencing any act or failure on the part of an employee or representative of Joaps. Nor may they accept improper payments that seek to influence any act or failure towards Joaps.

· Compensation and overtime

Ensures that remunerations comply with the legal requirements, at least with the legal value and with the professional category.

Demanding from its suppliers and subcontractors, fair remuneration and in accordance with the laws in force.

Ensures compliance with working hours and overtime compensation in accordance with applicable legislation, also encouraging and encouraging its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the law in force.

· Safety and Health at Work

Ensures its employees a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with current legislation. Promotes compliance with safety standards and recommends that its suppliers and subcontractors ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

· Environment

Joaps is committed to protecting the environment by seeking the sustainable development of its activities, adopting measures for the prevention, correction and control of contaminant factors related to its purpose, introducing improvement actions in order to increase resource efficiency and minimize pollutants.

Awareness raising and awareness among stakeholders, especially its employees, suppliers and subcontractors is an integral part of its environmental policy.

Joaps commits itself to Identify, document, and promote the rational and efficient use of resources necessary for its proper functioning, creating improvement objectives based on the applicable legal and legislative requirements and above all a commitment to economic and environmental sustainability.

· Legal Requirements

Complies with national and international legislation and regulations applicable to its activity, requiring its suppliers and subcontractors to comply equally.

· Confidentiality of information

All business partners have an obligation to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the information they receive as a result of their business dealings with Joaps.

The obligation of confidentiality will remain after the end of their relationship with Joaps and will include the obligation to return all materials associated with the company that they have in their possession.

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