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High Quality

Gaining, in the market, an image of credibility and services.


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JOAPS Fabrics began its activity in May 1996 and is prepared for the production and selling of interior and exterior knitted and woven fabrics.It relies on a very experienced staff, expert in this industrial activity.In 2001, the company felt the need to strategically evolve, enhancing their qualitative component by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, which, in addition to internal advantages, offers external advantages, in terms of improving the quality of products and services provided to our customers.During the same period, it was relocated to a modern industrial space in Joane, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, a region with strong textile tradition.Since its foundation, the company has focused on technological upgrading, in the qualification of the staff and in constant monitoring of market factors that are crucial to a strong position against the competition.

Mission: JOAPS exists for the purpose of producing and supplying knitted and woven fabrics with high quality, if possible exceeding customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction is our priority: Work towards continuous improvement in the quality of the knits, to ensure the competitiveness of our products, as well as customer loyalty.

Collaborators as a support for success: Provide your employees with the necessary skills and resources to achieve their “good” performance and participation in achieving Joaps objectives.

Suppliers as quality assurance: The selection and evaluation of suppliers are decisive factors in the quality of our products.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and continually improve: We are aware of our responsibilities in full compliance with the legislation applicable to our sector of activity and concern for continuous improvement.

Building win-win relationships based on trust, integrity and cooperation, ensuring mutual benefits and satisfaction of the parties involved.

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